I’m working my way through Mary Berry’s Baking Bible which can be bought here - I definitely recommend it!

The latest of her recipes I made was the ‘Chocolate Crackles’.

These are yummy, scrummy, dark chocolate biscuits and are baked with icing sugar on them which is what creates the ‘crackled’ affect.

The recipe was, as always, easy to follow and very accurate.

The recipe calls for dark chocolate (70% or higher), which creates a very rich taste, which is really lovely and tastes luxurious (and means that you won’t eat too many at once!).

But if you are planning on making these for children I’d recommend using either half dark chocolate and half milk chocolate or completely milk chocolate because they could be a bit too heavy for little ones.

They keep well for 4-5 days in an air-tight container and go down well at parties or get-togethers!